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May 2022

Dear Just 5 Family,

We hope you and your loved ones are all doing well. With summer months now upon us, we encourage you all take some time to relax and enjoy some quality time with your families.

In May, our board was reached out to by a locally talented artist in his early forties who had recently suffered from severe burns after the garage he was living in caught on fire along with his work-related equipment. Our recipient was forced to move out and is now unable to bring in any source of income. Unfortunately, he now no longer has a roof over his head and cannot afford any new equipment to get him back on his feet. Due to the severity of his wounds from the fire, our recipient was admitted into the ICU for three weeks. Requiring immediate medical attention, the cost to treat his wounds has left him in even greater credit card debt. After being released from the hospital, he spent some time moving in and out of motels, on a small budget put together by friends and family. Sadly, that budget has now depleted, leaving him to spend his nights on a park bench, unable to afford a sustainable living state.

Our recipient receives very little money in federal aid; however, he is looking into applying for food stamps so that he can continue to get by. He continues to remain optimistic about his current living state, and gives thanks by the grace of God for making it out of the fire alive. He believes that with some help, he will be able to return to his work, creating a safe and improved living environment for himself.

With all your generous donations, our board has collectively decided to donate $2,500 to our recipient so that he can pay off his credit card debt. We hope we can relieve him of some stress so that he can focus on healing and getting back to work soon.

We look forward to updating you all soon.


Just 5 Board


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