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In November 2013, as six friends in LA were sitting together, enjoying the company of one another, they came up with a thought – a thought that would soon bring hope to the lives of many. Their vision was to make a change, and after much brainstorming, they formulated a simple approach that beautifully ties the act of giving, with uniting individuals in making a difference in the lives of those who are struggling financially.

Their concept was this: All it takes is $5 a month, but the only way it could make an impact is if people joined together to do so. A little pocket change doesn’t mean much to the average person, but it could mean the world to someone else. Soon after Just 5 Club (J5), a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was formed allowing people to register as members on their website. Every month $5 is withdrawn from members’ accounts and at the end of the month all the funds that have been accumulated are donated to a selected recipient.

At J5, we believe in the power of unity; where each individual has the power to make a difference. When people are united with one common goal in mind, even the smallest amount can make a significant impact in the world we live in. Since the start of the organization, J5 has grown from 12 to 364 members and counting!

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Mason Eghbali 


Aaron Shahmaram


Omid Zokaeim 

Editor-in-Chief/Case Manager  

Kymia Dardashty
Sammy Korouri

Social Media/Marketing Director

Case Manager/Event Coordinator 

Joanna Elliott

Case Manager/Event Coordinator 

Kiya Eshaghian

Case Manager/Event Coordinator 

Past Board Members 
Jasmine Golbari 

Community Outreach 

Ashley Meyer.jpeg
Ashley Meyer

Marketing/Event Coordinator

Alex Ildardasty.jpeg
Alex Dardashty 


Michael Zargari

Recipient Outreach 

Natan Hekmatjah 

Head of Finances 

Shadi Hanukaai

Case Manager  

Founding BOARD
Omid Semino

Co-Founder - Chief Financial Officer

Mahyar Asher Eghbali

Co-Founder - Vice President of Stategic Partnerships

Setareh G. Eghbali

Director of Operations

Laya Sarraf

Chief of Marketing & Communications

Mahsa Eghbali

Vice President of Direct Response & Integrated Monthly Giving

Soheil Zarabi

Chief Legal Advisor




Unity creates miracles!
At the fore front of J5 is the idea that when people come together to do good deeds, even a small amount can make a significant change. Regardless of race, age, ideologies and the geographical location of individuals, the power of unity is what makes the difference. 



The opportunity to give to others without expecting anything in return is extremely powerful. It is this act of selflessness that brings forth an emotional and spiritual experience that revives the soul and generates a sense of purpose. Our goal is to create an infectious and positive effect that consumes our members and encourages them to continue to want to do good and to urge others to do the same.



At J5 we believe in the honest truth.

We want our members to be involved and know exactly where their donations are going. Every single penny of our members’ monthly contributions go towards our cause and all administrative costs are covered by our sponsors. 


Private donors fund our operating costs so 100% of your monthly donations go straight to needy families !

When we started Just 5 Non Profit, we made a bold promise to our members – 100% of their monthly donations will go directly to help families in hardship. We promised to find another way to cover our operating expenses. We even extended our promise and have found a way to reimburse credit card merchant fees for donations made online. At J5 every staff and board member is a volunteer. Non of our staff receive any kind of payment or monetary reimbursement for their services. We depend on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover everything from basic operating expenses to marketing costs and ect.

Our goal for the 100% program model is ambitious. To support our growth, we bring together a like-minded community of business people and philanthropists to fund our operating budget on a regular basis. J5-GROW is a fund program where donors give a set amount to our operating costs each year. Their support paves the way for us to continue doing what many said was impossible: scale the organization using our 100% model and help needy families every single month. 

Donate to J5-GROW today to help JUST 5 continue its 100% model seamlessly!

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