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December 2022

Dear Just 5 Family,

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and spent some quality time with your family and friends. As we roll into the New Year, let us reflect on the lives we touched in 2022 and the impact we have had within our very own community. For many of us, a New Year represents a fresh start; an opportunity to set new goals, reach new heights, and entail on new journeys. It gives us a chance to count our blessings and pray for new ones. On that note, it is also important to acknowledge the members of our society who were not able to celebrate the holidays with their families this year. For those less fortunate, the New Year triggers new fears and anxieties. As a collective, the Just 5 community opens their hearts each month and pays it forward through their charitable donations. Our organization believes in the power of unity and has effectively aided many families and individuals experiencing financial hardships throughout the years. We hope you all continue to stick around for the ride in 2023 as we continue to make a change together. 

This month, our board was presented with the case of a young woman struggling to get by due to a developing medical condition. Initially diagnosed a year and a half ago, our recipient’s autonomic nervous system has completely shut down. As a result, this disorder has largely affected her GI tract and control over her bladder. Working as a private therapist, her illness has posed a great inconvenience in her career. The treatment for her illness is draining and has significantly limited her working hours. With very little income, and medical bills piling up, our recipient has accumulated a large debt and this has altered many of her lifestyle choices from prior to her condition. She even had to re-home her service dog because she could no long afford its expenses. 

Through your generous donations, our board has granted our recipient $2,500 to help her afford future treatments. Although she spends most of her days bound to her bed with very little energy, she remains hopeful and anticipates returning to work full time once her condition permits.

We thank you all for your unconditional support throughout the year and look forward to what 2023 will bring to the table. Wishing our Just 5 family a healthy and happy New Year!


Just 5 Board


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