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October 2022

Dear Just 5 Family,

In the month of October, a community member reached out to us on behalf of a previous Just 5 recipient. She is a middle-aged woman with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Although our prior donation to her went a long way and she has made great strides towards being independent again, she needed one last push. We do not typically help beneficiaries more than once, however, we saw her circumstance and believe with our additional help she will be able to reach her goal. 

She has continued to live by very simple means on a strict budget and survive solely by her limited savings and the little money she receives each month from the government. Since her diagnosis in June of 2021, she has been unable to work. However, her condition has improved, and she hopes to get back to work soon. We believe that with our extra support we can get her over the edge and allow her to be independent once again. 

With your generous donations and the assistance from an anonymous donor, Just 5 was able to grant this strong woman $3,500 to cover some of her expenses. We hope that we have offered our beneficiary some peace of mind so that she may continue to heal her body with the right treatments and focus on her mental and emotional wellbeing. We wish her strength and send her our prayers as she continues to fight.


Just 5 Board


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