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May 2023

Dear Just 5 Family,

We hope you are all doing well as we enter the summer months. Many of us may be celebrating graduations, getting ready to head out on vacation, and are taking some time off work to spend some quality time with family and friends. However way you choose to spend your summer, it is important to remember how fortunate those of us are that can afford to take time off work and enjoy a break. As active members of our community, we must recognize those that don’t have the luxury of taking a break and that a new season doesn’t necessarily bring joy, but rather creates new fears and anxieties for those that are struggling to get by. 

This month, our esteemed board has chosen to extend our support to a remarkable single mother and her six children. This courageous woman was referred to us by a prominent member of our community. After enduring a grueling legal battle to retain ownership of the condo she shared with her ex-husband, the court rendered a verdict requiring her to assume sole responsibility for the mortgage payments in order to claim the property. To meet these obligations, she secured a one-year loan from a private lender, which must be repaid by December 2023. Alongside her monthly mortgage payments, she also faces additional expenses totaling $9,900 to provide for her family. Currently unemployed, she relies solely on meager savings accumulated over the years and the monthly SSI aid she receives. 

Imagine the weight she carries as a mother responsible for six dependents, juggling mounting expenses, and striving to repay a substantial loan by year-end. Recognizing her struggle, we at Just 5 have reached out with open hearts and extended our helping hand. Through your extraordinary generosity, we were able to provide her and her family with a donation of $3,367.50, covering one month's mortgage payment. Our hope is that this contribution will alleviate a portion of her financial burden and empower her to continue providing for her loved ones with renewed strength and resilience. 

We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support you all have shown us. Your contributions make a tangible difference in the lives of those we strive to assist. As we navigate the coming days, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to provide you with further updates on the impact of your generosity.


Just 5 Board


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