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June & July 2022

Dear Just 5 Family,

The case we have chosen to fund for the month of June was the story of a struggling husband and wife with two young children. The family has been struggling financially for many years, living paycheck to paycheck, and getting by with the little government aid they receive. The mother is currently the only working individual in the family, as the father recently had a heart attack and has been out of work since. Being the sole providers for such young children, the parents are devoted to raising them in a healthy environment and providing them with the fundamentals for their futures. As a result, the parents felt it was necessary to reach out to a professional therapist who could sit down with the family and help promote problem-solving through a better understanding of the family dynamics. As a board, we all agreed that seeking professional intervention will be beneficial for the family, especially to help raise the morale and esteem within their home. Ultimately, we agreed to allocate $2,000 towards the cost of therapy to help this family get back on their feet.

For the month if July, our case was one of a young couple with four children that left behind life in their homeland in 2019 after the wife and three-year-old daughter were held at gunpoint. The family left with little money in their bank accounts due to the urgency to escape from a life-threatening encounter. As they started their lives in a new, foreign country they received help from certain programs for financial assistance of basic necessities and housing. Unfortunately, the couple slowly fell into a deep debt. Only a few months after their move, COVID hit, which only worsened their situation. Working minimum wage jobs, they could not keep up with the cost of living and struggled to make ends meet. In search of a new home, the couple found a more affordable housing option in a new city.

Still, loans and debt only piled up further and as they continued spiraling down a road that they would not be able to recover from. With their children’s best interest in mind, the parents reached out to us in need, hoping we could be the silver lining at the end of a tunnel. With your guys’ generous donations, our board decided to grant this family $2,500 to cover their first month’s rent and help alleviate the burden of the debt that has accumulated over the years. The wife plans on continuing her education and obtaining her master’s in hope of opening more opportunities, and the husband plans on finishing his required courses so that he could attain a job as a paramedic. With this aid, they are certain it will help ease the stress of work and enable them to dedicate more time to raising their children in a healthy home.


Just 5 Board

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