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August & September 2022

Dear Just 5 Family,

The case we were presented with for the month of August is the story of a college age student whose parents were both recently diagnosed with cancer. With a lumbering sum of new medical bills on their parent’s plates, our recipient felt it would be a burden to ask their parents for money to cover their expenses while in college. From accumulated savings, our recipient pays for expenses directly out of pocket. However, due to the expensive cost of basic needs and unforeseen medical complications, our recipient is draining the last bit of their savings and fears falling into debt. With your charitable donations, Just 5 was able to award this young adult $2,500 backed by another $3,000 from an anonymous donor. With this financial relief, our recipient is reassured that they can prioritize their health and still support their parents.  

For the month of September, our recipient is an elderly woman in her seventies that was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. Along with many other underlying medical conditions, her illness has prevented her from working and sustaining a stable income. As a result, our recipient solely gets by through the donations from members of our community and various Jewish organizations. Unfortunately, one of her sponsors was unable to pay her rent in the past three months and she was recently served an eviction notice by her landlord. With an eviction compliance deadline hanging over her head, she reached out to our board in search of financial assistance.

To protect her from being evicted from her apartment, our board decided to grant her $3,000 matched by another $3,000 donation from an anonymous Just 5 donor. With this donation, our recipient can cover the rent that she owes and pay for her other basic necessities while balancing her many health conditions.


Just 5 Board


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