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June 2021

Dear Just 5 Family,

Summer has officially kicked off and many of us are excited to take some time to relax and spend some quality time with friends and family. As more and more COVID restrictions are lifted, the world is slowly returning to what life was like prior to the pandemic. However, although the world is moving forward, we must not leave those greatly affected by the events which unfolded this past year behind.

This month, our board has chosen to give $3,505 to a single man in his late forties. Our recipient is two months behind on his rent and was recently given three days’ notice to evict his apartment. While struggling to make ends meet, his situation only became worse after contracting COVID-19. The long-term implications of the virus, combined with his already present complications following a brain aneurysm that occurred two years ago, forced him take a couple months off work to focus on recovering. As medical expenses began piling up, and no sources of income were coming in, our

recipient fell short on his rent and started accumulating debt.

Now, with our support, our recipient can afford to pay off the months he owes in rent. He aspires on falling back on his own two feet and regaining his health so that he may continue to grow his business and work on his latest project.

As always, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without all your guys’ support throughout the year. Our next goal is to soon reach 500 donors (we are currently at 472!), so please continue to spread the word about Just 5.We look forward to changing more lives together this summer.


Just 5 Board


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