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December 2020

Dear Just 5 Family,

Thanks to our very generous donors during this holiday season, our team was very fortunate to raise funds for two individuals in dire need.

Just 5 was able to donate $2000 to a young lady from a very strained economic background with staggering medical debt. This young woman left her abusive household as a teenager and has been striving to support herself on her own since she was 17. She works multiple part time, minimum wage jobs, and has been seeking supplement work since the COVID-19 pandemic. Her trauma from past abuse has scarred her and requires that she seeks treatment from professional psychotherapists that help her battle her eating disorder, anxiety, and depression. She also suffers from an autoimmune medical condition, which necessitates expensive medication. She has been struggling to pay for rent, food, utilities, as well as her medical bills. Your donations helped pay towards her prior medical debt, as well as her necessary expenses. This young lady is an inspiration, as she single handedly supports herself, and has turned a fresh leaf in life despite her early challenges. She aspires to continue her education at some point and complete a college degree.

Just 5 was also very fortunate to support a single mother of three children, one of which has severe autism. She recently endured a debilitating car accident that required many surgical procedures and physical therapy. This strong woman has also battled and overcome breast cancer. Our funds in the amount of $2500 will help provide her with some financial relief by lessening the burden of her expenses.

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year, and may 2021 be a beacon of new hope.


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