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August 2021

Dear Just 5 Family,

This past month our board was fortunate enough to help a case close to home. One of our community member’s housekeepers of fifteen years has had an incredibly debilitating journey battling COVID over the course of the last six months. The COVID-19 virus initially infected her respiratory system, causing severe lung damage and hindering her ability to breathe. The symptoms spread and began affecting her body as a whole. After multiple visits to the hospital, many of which resulted in early dismissal due to the lack of medical insurance and insufficient financial support, she was finally prescribed a medication that was able to alleviate many of her complaints. However, her inability to work these past few months made her fall behind on months of rent and forced her to cut many corners to make ends meet. Although the family she works for helped pay many recurring hospital and medical bills, she reached out to Just 5 in need of additional assistance. As a result, our board decided to step in and help relieve some of her financial burden. With the support from our generous donors, our board granted her $2,298 to help pay off her debt and get her back on her feet.

Our recipient is currently still on bed rest as she slowly regains her energy levels so that she may return to work. The prognosis of her symptoms indicate that she may have Lupus, however, she is still being seen by many specialists. With our help, we deem that she will be able to focus on a full recovery instead of diving into the depth of her concerns.

As always, we remind you all to reach out to your loved ones and check in. We look forward to updating you all soon and wish those of you celebrating a happy and healthy Jewish new year.

Thank you all for the endless support.


Just 5 Board


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