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April 2020

Dear Just 5 Family, In April, Just 5 donated $1,500 to a single mother of five children between the ages of 4 to 11 years old. After abruptly being evicted from her home with nowhere to stay, she was left to find shelter in various motels that she would switch between. Our donation will help provide for a more stable living condition for her and her family and alleviate some of the burden of having to provide for her children, which would put her in a better position to earn a steady job after the COVID-19 pandemic. We have also donated $1,000 to a single mother who was pregnant with twins. However, she had an unexpected pregnancy complication called “acardiac twin”. Thus, she was unfortunately forced to undergo an emergency surgery to abort one of her unhealthy twins. Our donation will go towards paying her medical bills for this emergency procedure, which will alleviate some of her financial distress. We hope that our funds will offer these families a return to normalcy and peace of mind during this chaotic pandemic. Furthermore, we would like to thank our donors for your kindness and generosity. As always, we are nothing without your contributions. Love, Just 5 Board

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