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March 2020

Dear Just 5 Family, In March, Just 5 donated $2,000 to an aunt, who was suddenly given custody of her 13 year old nephew after he was orphaned following the untimely and tragic passing of his mother a few months prior. Although she welcomed her beloved nephew with open arms, the additional expenses have been making it extremely difficult for them to get by. To better care for her nephew and cope with the increase in expenses, she was forced to secure a second job. In addition, she moved to a new apartment in order to be closer to his school. Hopefully our donation will help alleviate some of the burden her and her nephew are facing during this difficult transition and will give them peace of mind.

We have also donated $2,000 to a single mom with 2 kids. In the months prior, she and her two children were barely getting by, despite the fact that she was working two jobs. However, she was recently laid off by one of her employers when the company went out of business, cutting her already low income in half. To make matters worse, she then lost her other job as a result of the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic that has brought so many businesses to a halt. Our donation will be used to help her pay her rent and other essentials during these trying times.

We hope that these stories will serve as a reminder of the impact each and every one of our donors' contributions has on the lives of these families. As always, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, we are nothing without your help. Love, Just 5 Board

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