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December 2019

For the month of December, Just 5 donated $3,000 to a single mother who lost her job after flying to Israel for her parent's funeral. Unfortunately, she was not able to collect unemployment, which landed her in a position with no income but many expenses to pay. Although she has found a part-time job as a Lyft driver, she found herself drowning in debt from her daughter’s medical bills and her living expenses. She will use our donation to help alleviate her credit card bills and sustain a roof over her family’s home, while she continues to find a more secure job. This recipient has expressed her immense gratitude for Just5 and she was very emotional when she was granted aid. We hope that this is a reminder of the amazing job each and every one of our donors is doing and the difference that you can make in someone’s life. With permission, we have attached a message from our recipient expressing gratitude to Just 5.

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