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September Newsletter

This past month, Just 5, with the help of $1,352 from anonymous donors, donated a total of $3,352 to a mother of two children whose husband has a kidney ailment. The mother also has a father in prison, so she is the only person to look after her twelve younger siblings. One of the siblings passed away, and they are still struggling to cover her burial costs. In addition, doctors have recently diagnosed this mother with a spinal tumor that requires surgery. The money Just 5 donated will go towards helping this family cope with the recent tragedies that they have been faced with.
Additionally, with the help of $700 from an anonymous donor, Just 5 has donated $1,411 to a single mother with mental health issues who was put on medical leave without any source of income. She is in debt and cannot afford to pay her last month of rent before she moves in with her sister. She cannot get anymore help from her family, as her mother suffered from a life-altering stroke a few years ago and her brother’s wife passed away recently, leaving three kids behind.
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