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$1,800 Donated to a Struggling Family $1,500 Donated to Jewish Camps Affected by the Malibu Fire

This past month, Just 5 donated $1,800 to a family who recently moved to the United States from Israel. The father has been switching between jobs and struggling to make ends meet. The mother is unable to provide financial support, as she is 9 months pregnant and is taking care of their two children. This growing family is struggling to pay their expenses, and the money we donated will go towards their rent for this month.

In addition to helping this family, Just 5 donated $750 to two Jewish camps (Camp JCA Shalom Camp Hess Kramer, Gindling Hilltop Camp) which were harmed during the recent Malibu fires. Thank you to our donors for allowing us to help this month's family and allowing us to help Jewish camps influenced by the tragic fires.

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