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August Donations to a Single Mother and Mental Health Treatment

"You make a living by what you make, but you make a life by what you GIVE"

We would like to thank all of our generous donors for allowing J5 to support two families in financial need during the month of August.

$3,000 was donated to a single mother with four children. After being domestically abused, this devoted mother found a place of her own, but had trouble paying rent. The money donated will be used to pay for rent as well as her children's expenses. We hope that our efforts will alleviate some of the worries for this family during this difficult time.

$2,500 was also donated to a woman who is unable to provide for herself due to mental health challenges. The money donated will be used to pay for weekly therapy expenses. We are hopeful that this young woman will see improvements in her mental health as a result of her therapy.

To our donors: Thank you for allowing us to renew a sense of hope to these families. We could not do this without you!

Following is an email we received from one the recipients after she got her check

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