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$1,400 Donated To a Single Mother & Who is Also Taking care of Her Niece

Our next recipient was a single mother who was living in a small two-bedroom home with her three children, mother and niece. She explained that she tried hard to financially plan for an emergency that unfortunately became a reality when she was diagnosed with Graves Disease, an immune system disorder. She was forced to take a year off from work in order to undergo treatment causing her to use up her savings. She was also served with an eviction notice as well as rent increase. What stood out about this recipient was that despite all the challenges she was facing in her life, she exuded positivity and her incredible determination to get back on her feet was non-negotiable. J5 dontated $1400 to this single mother. She recently launched a wonderful product called the Pretty Neat Lip Kit Organizer which she is hoping will take off soon. Get yours HERE!​

Following is an email we received from one the recipients after she got her check

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