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$3800 to Two Single Mothers Who Lost Their Husbands

J5 donated to two recipients who had suffered immensely by the losses of their husbands as well as the harsh financial burdens that came with it. One was a mother of three in her 50’s whose husband passed away due to an illness a few years prior. After his death, the family business that was once reaping success was slowly fading away. The widowed mother was struggling to cover rent and daily necessities were becoming beyond reach. She even had to rely on neighbors and friends to provide food for her family. J5 donated $1900 to this struggling mother to help her take care of her family.

Our second recipient was a young mother who lost her husband due to several medical issues including stroke, heart attack and cancer. Difficult enough to cope with this massive loss, she was facing extreme financial difficulties as she had used up her savings and her current pay was insubstantial. She had no help or ties to any family and was barely able to make rent. J5 donated $1900 to this single mother in hopes of helping her get by another month.

PS One act of kindness can lead to another, as we all inspire in one another! Thank you all for your continued support!

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