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$1550 To a Single Mom of a 12-year old Son

For the month of May, J5 donated $1550 to a single mom of a 12-year old son who was struggling to make ends meet. She had finally found the strength to save herself from an abusive relationship and knowing that she had no one to rely on, secretly saved some money overtime in order to take care of her son.

Her greatest goal has been to receive her college degree and pursue a career. Unfortunately, while attending school she was forced to have emergency foot surgery causing her to remain at home to recover for months delaying her dreams and putting her in further debt. Everyday necessities such as groceries and rent are now a constant worry. Her son’s 13th birthday is approaching and she is saddened by the thought that she would not be able to have a Bar Mitzvah for him.

With the help of our members, J5 was able to donate $1550 to our recipient to assist her while she gets back on track as well as raise $1250 towards her son’s Bar Mitzvah.

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