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$1,500 To a Father of Three, Who Has Been Laid off for 4 Months

For the month of April, J5 helped a family of five that was facing extremely challenging times. The father to three young children was laid off from a job he had at a local supermarket his inability to stand on his feet for long periods of time. He suffered from health conditions that hindered him from sustaining a long-term stable job. At the time, he had been out of work for four months and unable to replace the minimal income he had been making to support his family. They had no other source of financial support as his wife spent her days and nights taking care of the children and their savings had been merely getting them by.

Despite his disabilities, he is currently working to better his physical and health status and has found part-time work at a catering company although it is still not enough to even pay the bills. J5 donated $1500 on behalf of our members in order to help fill the gap and temporarily ease some of the struggle until he is able to find a more stable job.

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