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February & March 2022

Dear Just 5 Family,

We hope this newsletter finds you all well.

           In February, our board donated ­­­$2,500 to a struggling husband and father of six who had undergone open heart surgery three years ago and is still recovering from its hampering effects on his overall health and wellbeing. Due to the physical impairments of his condition, our recipient has not been able to work and has struggled to make ends meet. His savings have been stretched over the course of the last couple of years to cover his monthly expenses, however, he will not be able to continue to get by with the little money he has left and the overwhelming debt that has begun to accumulate.

With our support, our recipient can cover some of his monthly expenses and will hopefully find some more time to focus on his recovery. He aims on returning to work as a part-time taxi driver once he is confident that he can physically endure the stress.

In the month of March, a middle-aged woman with stage 3 colorectal cancer reached out to our board in dire need of our assistance. After hearing her story, we decided to step in and assist this woman with her expenses.  

Surviving solely on her own merit, our beneficiary has been getting by with very limited savings and the little money she receives each month from the government. She was originally diagnosed in June of 2021 and has not been working since. Over the past few months, her personal expenses and medical bills have accumulated, slowly amassing into a large some of debt.

With your generous donations and the assistance from an anonymous donor, Just 5 was able to grant this strong woman $3,300 to cover some of her expenses. We hope that we have offered our recipient some peace of mind so that she may continue to heal her body with the right treatments and focus on her mental and emotional wellbeing. We wish her strength and send her our prayers as she continues to fight.

We thank you all for your continuous support and look forward to changing more lives together.


Just 5 Board


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