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Wedding Fund

There is very special single mother who is struggling immensely to be able to attend and support her child's wedding out of town. There are so many details involved in this process. Therefore, any amount is greatly appreciated and will go a long way. Our goal is to help this mother and couple achieve the magical day they’ve always dreamed of. The mitzvah of hachanasat kallah is one of the most important forms of Tzedaka. 


A well known Mishna in Peah, recited daily in the morning prayers, lists Hachnosat Kallah among a select few commandments that benefit a person both in this world and the next world. The Jewish sources indicate that Hachnosat Kallah assists one in finding a spouse, being blessed with children and being saved from a life threatening illness. 


There is a fundamental rule that G-d treats a person in the same way as he treats others. For instance, the merit of Miriam waiting for her infant brother Moses who was placed in a basket in the Nile River, the entire Jewish nation waited for her when she had tzaraas (a skin disease).


It would likewise make sense that in the merit of helping someone else marry, Heaven will help one find his or her spouse. It appears that Hachnosas Kallah can also be a merit for having children.

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