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Hope For Eran

On January 9th, 2017, the unimaginable happened. My older brother was a victim of a hit and run accident, which left him in a coma, with a severe spinal cord injury and a traumatic brain injury. Eran is now a quadriplegic, which means that he is not able to use any of his motor skills to stand up, walk, write, and take care of his own basic needs on his own (**Please refer to section below for details of Eran's dependent physical needs with the intent of where your generous donations are specifically being used for his care and needs).  His brain injury has left him with short-term memory loss and mood disorder. 


With all the critical injuries he endured, Eran was  in a coma and remained on life support, as the doctors gave him a less than 1 percent chance of survival. Miraculously, with the grace of G-d and all of the powerful and healing  prayers that were sent his way, Eran woke up from his coma. Eventually, he was weaned off the ventilator and was able to take his own breaths without assistance.


Although Eran is bed ridden and is completely dependent on others, his spirit remains strong!

My brother is a fighter and a survivor.  He has a beautiful soul with a golden and passionate heart. 

My brother has immense challenges and struggles, yet his kind heart and deep blue eyes shine through with every soul he connects with. 

Before this accident, Eran's passion was driven by his ability to connect with others through his music and lyrics. 


On this journey, Eran now faces the ultimate challenge to connect to his purpose. Although he is trapped in his paralyzed body, he has a vision of total healing for himself.


We are beyond blessed to still have Eran alive and beside us! He is here to live out his purpose to  love, to heal, to inspire, and to be a source of light for transformation. Our intention is to raise funds for Eran to give him the best opportunity and care to fulfill his purpose. We are committed to his total healing, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our desire for Eran is to have dignity and improved quality of life on this journey.


Given his circumstances, Eran needs total care, which means he needs 24-7 assistance by patient and kind-hearted people to fulfill his basic needs. This is a very physical and daunting task, yet a divine service for my brother.


Together with Eran, we envision his independence, his ability to enjoy the ocean again, to hang out with his friends, and to create and write his music again for others to enjoy. The road that has been paved in front of him is a difficult one to say the least. 


We ask for your kindness and generosity to help him on this road. We ask you to open your heart and give your support so that he can see the light through these dark moments of his life. I also ask that the prayers and energy which have lifted Eran and our family to get to this point, continue! For all of this, my family and my brother are and will be eternally grateful. 


From the bottom of my heart and the deepest part of my soul, I appreciate the time you have taken in reading this message. Our family appreciates your compassion and generosity. Eran is on his road to recovery and is excited to have you on his side with your support. 


With love and gratitude, 


Leora Sedaghati (Eran's only and favorite sister)

Upcoming Short-term & Long-term Care Costs For Eran




$15 per/hour

3 shifts per/day

7 days per/week 


Morning and afternoon shifts require 2 

12 months estimate for caretakers





3 x per/week @ $120 per/session



2 x per/week @ $120 per/sessio



2 x per/week @ $120 per/session


12 month estimate





2 x per/week @ $60 per/session



1 x per/week @ $150 per/session



1 x per/month @ 200 per/session


12 month estimate




12 month estimate for psych/cog therapy




Total-care bed $7,000


Wheelchair (tilt/recline/stand)$6,000


Hydraulic Lifter




Total equipment estimate


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