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Donate to Case 1872

Donations Made to This Specific Fund Goes Directly to Help  Case 1872 

*UPDATE 7/12/2017*

We are reposting the link for this campaign as although this young mother has since improved, it continues to be a very gradual and difficult journey. In addition to her routine therapies which include speech, occupational and physical, the family has turned to alternate treatment such as acupuncture, aquatic therapy, and massage therapy in order to increase her chances of recovery as she faces the long road ahead. These treatments must be paid out of pocket as they are not covered by insurance and amount to hundreds of dollars in charges per day. 

Please continue to donate by using the link below and either PM us or email us at if you or anyone you know is willing to volunteer professional services for the above mentioned therapies as it would deeply help alleviate some of the burden!


A young mother to a toddler and an infant in her 30’s suffered from a sudden medical tragedy that left her husband with bills piling up to at least $1200 per day. She is in need of several types of therapy including speech, occupational, and physical, crucial to her recovery that insurance has recently cut in half.


Just one year ago this family was living a fortunate and comfortable life and were both members of J5, actively donating to our cause - now they are the ones in need. J5 has donated $1900 to this family as the current recipients of our monthly contribution and we have been able to raise over $25K for this cause. In addition, we have provided a link for those who are able to further help  Please give what you can, any amount will make a difference! 


100 % of your tax-deductible donation will fund this case. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at . If you would like to make a donation via check, please mail checks payable to "Just 5" and put "Case#1872" in the memo. Otherwise you can use our secured credit card form Above. Checks can be mailed to J5  Club P.O Box 351923 Los Angeles, CA 90035.

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