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just 5- los angeles

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Our Story

In November 2013, as six friends in LA were sitting together, enjoying the company of one another, they came up with a thought – a thought that would soon bring hope to the lives of many. Their vision was to make a change, and after much brainstorming, they formulated a simple approach that beautifully ties the act of giving, with uniting individuals in making a difference in the lives of those who are struggling financially.

Their concept was this: All it takes is $5 a month, but the only way it could make an impact is if people joined together to do so. A little pocket change doesn’t mean much to the average person, but it could mean the world to someone else. Soon after Just 5 Club (J5), a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was formed allowing people to register as members on their website. Every month $5 is withdrawn from members’ accounts and at the end of the month all the funds that have been accumulated are donated to a selected recipient.

At J5, we believe in the power of unity; where each individual has the power to make a difference. When people are united with one common goal in mind, even the smallest amount can make a significant impact in the world we live in. Since the start of the organization, J5 has grown from 12 to 364 members and counting!

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