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December 2021

Dear Just 5 Family,

As we approach the New Year, we are humbled by the milestones we achieved in 2021 and are excited to continue growing and changing more lives together in 2022.

In the month of December, our board was presented with the tragic case of a war veteran who has faced a series of unfortunate events. After lighting Shabbat candles one evening, his apartment burnt down, and he was forced to find a new living arrangement. Following this incident, he got into a motorcycle accident which resulted in bodily injuries. He was denied treatment at the hospital due to lack of insurance and he could not afford effective treatment. Left untreated, his wounds procured an infection which left him debilitated. Due to his disabilities and being required to remain on bed rest, he has struggled financially without work. In order to get by, he has sold many of his personal valuables and is currently staying at an AirBnB.

Due to the financial burdens of his living arrangements, and with no income streaming in, our board decided to help him get back on his feet by awarding him with $3,500 to contribute to two months of his rental payment.

With this award, our recipient is confident that he can spend some more time attending to his injuries and get them the appropriate treatment they need. He plans on returning to work and is actively seeking new job opportunities.

We are incredibly grateful for your support throughout the year. Your donations have allowed us to shape our community and shed light on the lives of individuals who have slipped through the cracks and could use a helping hand. We are incredibly optimistic for 2022 with the hope that together we can reach new heights.

We wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!


Just 5 Board


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